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Subclass 407 Training Visa

The subclass 407 Training visa is a temporary visa which allows successful applicants to undertake workplace training activities to improve their skills and remain in Australia for up to 2 years. Your employer must nominate you for the subclass 407 and elect what kind of occupational training be using the visa to undertake.


The requirements for a subclass 407 visa are set out below:


In order to apply, an applicant needs an approved nomination (by the employer) nominating the applicant. This means the employer must be an approved temporary activities sponsor and provide evidence of the training to be provided and that the applicant has, at a minimum, functional English skills (See below).

The nomination must also specify the reason for the occupational training and must be linked to one of the following categories:

  • Occupational training required for registration  
  • Occupational training to enhance skills
  • Occupational training for capacity building overseas – overseas qualification
  • Occupational training for capacity building overseas – government support
  • Occupational training for capacity building overseas – professional development


An applicant for a subclass 407 visa must have a Functional English level. This can be shown by:

  • Providing an English test that is less than 12 months old and show they have met the requisite score for the subclass 407. The requisite score is an average band score of at least 4.5 based on the 4 test components in IELTS, or equivalent.
  • Showing your English has been assessed as functional by an Australian Adult Migrant English Program service provider.
  • Showing a completed a degree, higher degree or trade certificate that required 2 years of study and was completed in English.
  • Showing a specified period at primary, secondary, or tertiary education where instruction was in English.

Applicants who hold a passport of UK, United States, New Zealand, Canada or Ireland will be exempt from showing functional English.


If you apply for a subclass 407 visa, you must satisfy the health requirement. This means applicants are required to undertake a health examination by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth who will assess the applicant’s health and medical history and provide assessment of their impacts on Australia’s health care and community services.

Even if you satisfy the health requirement, you will be required to hold health insurance that is valid for your entire stay in Australia.


An applicant for a subclass 407 visa must be of good character and satisfy the character test. This means an applicant will need to show they do not have a substantial criminal record, in Australia or elsewhere and will need to provide police certificates, signed statements and in some cases, a statutory declaration confirming their good character.

Genuine Temporary Entrant Criteria

In order to satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criteria, will need to provide evidence to show they genuinely wish to stay in Australia temporarily and depart Australia at the visa’s expiry.

Adequate means

Applicants for a subclass 407 visa will need to show they can financially support themselves for the visa period while in Australia. If an applicant will be provided with support such as accommodation, meals etc. they will need to provide this evidence also.


Finally, in order to apply for a subclass 407 visa, you must hold or held a substantive visa (other than a permanent visa, or a subclass 771 or 403 visa) within 28 days of applying for the subclass 407 visa. If you held a substantive but did not apply make an application within 28 days of it ceasing, you will not be able to apply for a subclass 407 visa.

Next steps

If you would like more information about a subclass 407 visa contact our migration law team.

This article is general information only, and not a substitute for legal advice. The article was written by Shari Gilbert under the supervision of Richard Pedley.