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Franchising is one of the most dynamic areas within Australia’s economy, with a recent survey finding that there are almost 500,000 people employed within the sector across more than 1,100 franchise systems.

With franchises playing such an important role in the lives of so many people, it is no wonder that the sector is consistently under public scrutiny. Sadly the sector is often mis-understood by business owners and seen as something to be feared or avoided. Nevertheless, when done well, a franchise is one of the fastest ways to effectively scale a business.

As a highly regulated part of Australia’s economic landscape, franchising presents businesses with challenges and opportunities. Whilst the regulations ensure that there are consequences for those who get it wrong, they also ensure that savvy operators stand out from the crowd.

At Lawcrest, we represent some of Australia’s most well recognised franchise systems across the health, hospitality and service sectors. With our deep knowledge of the area, along with our direct approach to legal advisory, we have assisted our clients to thrive.

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